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Return & Refund

Return & Refund

Return & Refund / Exchange

Return & Refund Policy
Once the order is confirmed, we do not accept any request for exchange of products or cancellation of orders.

Exchange Policy
You are requested to examine the goods immediately for any deficiencies and/or damages of their appearance and whether all accessories are included upon delivery or collection (as the case may be). If it is the case, please contact our Customer Service Department.
If it is confirmed that the quality of the goods does not meet the production standards or proves to be defective in the factory, the customer can replace the goods of the same model within seven days after receiving the goods.
Any products may be returned and replaced once only
If the replacement products are out of stock, you may exchange other products of our company at the same dollars value, or pay the difference to purchase the higher price product.
The returned products must be in their original conditions and packing without any physical damange/or scratch together with the warranty card which shall not be filled in. The serial number on the products must comply with those on the invoice.
No exchange would be made for product which has been registered on-line for warranty service or has undergone any repair.
The seven-day replacement policy does not apply to products that have been repaired.
Agents/vendors/manufacturers  are responsible for the warranty of associated products. The terms and conditions of such warranty are subject to the manufacturers/vendors’ policy. During the warranty period, you may return the products to the manufacturer or vendor for repair. You may refer to the warrantee card or enquire the agents/manufacturers/vendors for details.

This return and refund policy does not apply if the goods are required to be returned or replaced due to price fluctuations in the market.
If there is any dispute, We reserve the right of final decision.