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The first AV Life Shop was opened and started business in Ocean Centre in Tsimshatsui in 2002. Within a short time, AV Life had acquired a hallmark of being caring and having professional ‘before-sales services’ (site visits) and ‘after-sales services’ (delivery & installation).

Plasma was the earliest technical device of panel TV, so AV Life therefore used the name ‘AV Life-Plasma TV Station’ to instil in people’s minds the company's business nature and products. Besides, the store has also added some audio products like Hi-fi, Home Theatre Systems, Speakers, Amplifiers, etc. to provide complete home entertainment centres for customers.
After two years of effort, the second store at Langham Place was opened in 2004.  The innovative technique of LCDTV had also matured and become integrated by that time. The production of LCDTV had managed to develop larger size TVs as for Plasma in the same year. For practical purposes, AV life had also changed its name to ‘HDTV Station’ to meet the new age of High Definition TV.

AV Life changed its name again to ‘AV Life Prestige’ in 2009 in order to ensure continued improvement and reach the top of the market. To align itself with the symbol of ‘Prestige’, all outlets have been renovated to suggest more creativity and comfort; plus the product displays and professional services have been updated from being entitled AV Life to the new brand name.


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